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About S.T.A.S.S

Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Nwofe is founded in 1997 with the intention to train the young ones in the society to grow in knowledge and virtue. From the first principal to the present, this intention has been maintained.

It is not enough passing your examination in S.T.A.S.S; you are obliged to live a life of virtue. That is to say the discipline aspect of the formation is as serious if not more serious than the academics.

In the words of the principal (Fr. A. Aka), “what is the need producing for the society academic giants who are morally dwarfs" . It is on this statement lies the school's philosophy.


Our Vision is to achieve education based on virtue and knowledge as it reads in our school motto;"virtus et scientia"


Our mission is to produce for the society educated and well discipline young people who will be guided to face adult with confidence and who will in no doubt play a prominent roles in the community in the future.